about me

Hi, my name is Roma

and I've loved to cook since I can remember. Food has been always been in the centre of my happiness. My weight has yo-yoed my whole life, because of my love for it. I grew up watching my grandma prepare homemade samosas from scratch to cooking up a garlic tomato soup anytime anyone was sick. When I was a kid I used to pretend cook with an empty pot, wooden spoon, carrots and an empty 2L of coke - a 90's kids 'play kitchen'. My favourite teacher in high school taught me the importance of accuracy, presentation and how food brought people together. I even travelled to New York with my foods class in grade 12 and experienced culinary cuisine at it's finest. I never pursued a career as a chef, simply because I am not down to spend 14 hrs a day on my feet. 


I went on to study communications, business marketing and fashion merchandising. I'm 100% Punjabi and am proud to be able to speak the language of my ancestors. I am an Aries and an only child. I value experiences and memories with the people closest to me. I love to cook, weight lift, use the right side of my brain and be an introvert.


Here, I'll be sharing my favourite recipes that I have both created and curated, some Keto friendly dishes since I'm on a weight loss journey and some of just my day to day simple 'I'm starving' and go to's.  Every recipe you find on my page has been tried and tested by yours truly.

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