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about me 

Fitness became a part of my journey about ten years ago. As a young teen, I swam competitively but I never had the dedication and passion it required for me to continue. As most teenage girls, this period of my life brought on body image issues. With the added stress of an alcoholic father, my self care both, physical and mental, fell short. Comments about my weight were regular topics of discussions with family members or even strangers. Growing up in an South Asian family, I had to learn to grow a thick skin. I started to believe my self worth was associated with my body; especially as a young impressionable woman. 

At the age of twenty, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which came with an array of serious health problems and explained why I had such a hard time losing weight or maintaining a healthy body weight. When it came to working out, I was easily intimidated since I didn’t see myself represented in athletic spaces. I had no clue what I was doing in the gym, so I joined a group fitness class. From there, I was addicted. I instantly felt the stress and anxiety I was holding in my body, release. Since then, I have continued to work with trainers and learn different techniques and variations of fitness and exercise. I would never want to miss a workout because it was the one thing that gave me an escape from the weight I held on my shoulders. However, my routine was not always perfect. I had days where severe anxiety would get the best of me and I would resort back to my old habits of eating my feelings. Food has always been the centre of my happiness and my weight has yo-yoed my whole life because of it. Guilt and shame always seemed to take control of me, until I came to terms with balance.

My version of healthy became a balance of things I love: lifting heavy ass weights and cooking delicious ass food. This new take on balance gave me the tools to unlearn my old habits with eating and the way I would use food for comfort. Through cooking fresh, healthy meals, I am making the choice to nourish not only my mind, but also my body. From this realization, I gained the courage to become a certified personal trainer.

When you don’t see yourself being represented, it's easy to get discouraged or compare yourself to others. You don’t have to strive to be anyone else, since the best version of yourself already exists within you. My goal with personal training is to empower others to reach their potential by pushing past mental and physical barriers. I want to flip the switch for people who are just like me who have believed their whole life they aren't enough or aren't worth it. I promise you are worth it.

With my guidance and your willpower, we can crush our goals together. Let's get fit! 


— Roma